The Best Health Vitamin website was created because of a growing demand for our quality all natural organic supplements. Including weight managment formulas, detoxifing internal cleansers,glucosamine chondroitin supplement,amino acids,flax oil seed, green tea supplement, and much more.      

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    Three biggest reasons for the growing demand is that more and more people are becoming aware of the dangers of prescription and nonprescription drugs.This includes pharmaceutical weight loss drugs. People are searching for a safe non-toxic affordable approach to health care. Using an organic supplement is safe,non-toxic,and affordable. Pharmaceutical drugs are toxic and have harmful side effects. Two main causes of disease are toxins in the body and nutritional deficiencies. Toxins from prescription and nonprescription drugs collect in our organs causing disease that make us sick. Doing a cleanse will clear toxins from your body and aid in weight loss. Take our 7-day cleanse three times a day for seven days and your done. You will loose weight,improve skin and hair condition,and have more energy. Another safe and effective weight loss product is hoodia. Hooida side effects are unheard of making this a great choice for weight managment. Hoodia has been used for years in South Africa to control excess hunger.This organic supplement is made from a plant similar to a cactus.There are no documented hoodia side effects. Almost everyone has some kind of nutritional deficiencies.The human body can't make it's own vitamin-C or omega-3 fatty acids.The only way to get them is in the food we eat or an organic supplement. The food we eat today is so depleated of its natural nutrients it is impossible to get the required daily amount of vitamins and minerals that the human body needs to stay healthy.Taking a fish oil supplement will ensure that you are getting enough omega-3. Fish oil side effects are very minimal when people take the proper fish oil dosage. Stomach upset and diarrhea are the most common side effect. Ask your doctor about fish oil side effects and always take the recommended fish oil dosage.We do not sell carlson fish oil.All of our products are made in house with the best ingredients available.  

     The second reason for increasing demand is a growing distrust in the United States goverment, the Food and Drug Administration, and Medical Doctors. Doctors fifty years ago would only use drugs when all other options had been exhausted.  Now it is common practice. Usually when someone starts taking a certian prescription drug to treat an illness or disease they will most likely never be able to stop taking the prescription. They also end up taking more pharmaceutical drugs to offset the original drug.The Food and Drug Administration pays government officials to turn a blind eye to the problems related to their drugs all in the name of profit.  The Obama administrations new health care bill is designed to benefit government officials and the FDA. Many good medical doctors that put their patients before politics and profit disagree with this health care bill. It limits tests and procedures that doctors can use to diagnose and treat their patients. This bill also has predetermand rates that doctors will be forced to charge for some tests and medical procedures. This practice will cause some patients to go undiagnosed to the point that they need pharmaceutical drugs to have some level of comfort. 

     The third reason for the increased use of our products comes from people that are mostly healthy. They are using natures vitamins to maintain a healthy life style. Using organic supplenents is a great way to avoid the negative side affects and expense of prescription and nonprescription drugs. Doctors from all over the world have used natural supplements for years to treat their patients.One very popular supplement for joint pain is the glucosamine chondroitin supplement. Flax oil seed is gaining popularity among women for prevention of breast cancer. Some other flaxseed benefits include reducing the risk of heart disease and high cholestrol. A green tea supplement can also reduce the of cancer.Ask ypur doctor about flaxseed benefits. All of our products are made from the natural enviroment we live in. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs that are made with toxic chemicals. Natures vitamins are natural to us and will absorb into the body more efficiently than synthetic drugs. Giving people better results and saving them money.


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